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onsdag 25. mars 2015

Moss as the only city in Scandinavia with HolyYoga – East meets West! Article in Moss Dagblad

Translation in English:
Moss as the only city in Scandinavia with HolyYoga – East meets West!
Yoga as a tool for meeting God and Jesus besides Church, has the well-fitting name Holy Yoga. Moss is one of the few places in the world this is offered.
We are about 6 instructors in Europe, says Yasmin Nashat, who also is working on her Holy Yoga Masters. She calls this exercise for Spirit, soul and body – in that particular order.
The physical exercise is not the important part. That comes last. If that is important, you could go to an ordinary gym instead. Holy Yoga gives training a whole new dimension, she says.
Sporty 91-year old!
In Holy Yoga the condition of the heart is at focus, in contrast with traditional yoga.
I hope I can help people in life with Holy Yoga, says the instructor. And it does, Birigt Gjemsdal has no former experience with HY, and says HY is perfect for her. It is fantastic for both body and soul. The feeling after class is fabulous. Gjemsdal is of the opinion that Christianity and yoga is a perfect match.
-          When you do this (HY) you get a lot of time to think, she says.
Amongst the attendees, there is also the 91 year old Kari Smith. She finds a lot of pleasure attending these classes, which are at SPENST and at the neighbor Church; Østfoldkirken (my Church).
-          I am very satisfied. A lot more elderly people should do this, the active pensioned women smiles, who also is Nashats Grandmother.
Even if most of the participants are Christians, this is not a criteria.
-          Those who attend come again, and again. And not only Christians attend. This is for everyone who is open for the Holy in the Bible, says Nashat, who is Norways first Holy Yoga instructor.
Making waves
Mixing yoga with Eastern roots and philosophical luggage, with Christian values, doesn’t happen without controversy. According to Nashat, most of the critical voices come from Christians themselves.
-          Some Christians might experience that this belongs to another ideology, but we don’t use any other Spiritual perspective than Gods Word. And by the way, the Wolrd doesn’t only consist of the Western World. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t belong to God!
-          So yoga belongs to God?
-          Yes. Mediation is a tool. And this “hammer” isn’t only made to be used in the East, says the lady from Moss, who means yoga and Christianity can go hand-in-hand.